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Answers in FFL eCommerce

Posted September 28, 2022 by Lost Interactive

Does your business have an online presence? Have you been told you can not sell firearms online? Have you wondered how your competitors are making money by doing so?

No matter your answer, FFL dealers can integrate payment processing with common shopping carts like Wix, WooCommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce and even Shopify! However, many of these platforms bare strict restrictions and terms. We know. Payment processing for Federal Firearms Licensees can be frustrating to apply for, as well. Lost Interactive offers to take on those headaches while avoiding unnecessarily expenses.

We offer our 2A partners the right information and tools to advance their online income.

Several federally licensed gun dealers lean towards shooting sports-specific platforms like AmmoReady, and auction/classified sites like GunBroker, Armslist, GunsAmerica, and Guns.com to sell inventory. Many of their functioning platforms are integrated as well as backed by the best 2A friendly payment gateway. Let's plan a consultation to see what option is best for you.

Our FFL Clients Frequntly Ask:

Lost Interactive is a full-service creative agency that spearheads campaigns for many of today’s leading brands. We are a trusted partner, a solution-minded ally and we have the extensive experience that allows us to execute campaigns flawlessly. Our focus remains on strategy, conceptualization and laser percision execution. We pride ourselves on delivering creative, cut-through marketing campaigns. As partners, we believe, “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”


Yes, you can! Almost 3,000 vendors are already making onine sales. In total, 13,000 employees make up the online industry to gross $2 billion a year.

If you’re a first-time FFL merchant looking to accept payments and sell online, you’ll need to obtain legal counsel from an attorney familiar with the purchase and shipping laws and regulations both at a federal level and for every state or territory to which you ship, particularly the Gun Control Act of 1968.


It is mandatory each firearm sold online is sent to a local FFL dealer. Doing so requires that business to conduct appropriate background checks.

A thoroghly built site will have an up to date database associated to verify FFL dealers.


Online FFL-to-FFL transactions are prohibited by many software companies, payment gateways, and merchant account providers due to the higher degree of perceived risk or regulatory hassle entailed. The “out of the box” payment processing used on most website builders, like Shopify Payments, is designed for standard eCommerce and does not support FFL dealers, but we can help.

Book a free consultation to see which option is best for your business.


Unfortunatly, we'd rather not build on top of what you have. And although it sounds complicated, starting from scratch is quite manageable once properly coded.

The good news? You are not required to do everything yourself. The bad news? There are a few extra hoops to jump through to complete a 2A friendly and legal online sale.

Roughly 18 million guns were purchased during 2021, which eclipsed 2016’s election-year total of around 16.6 million.

Estimates are based on the volume of FBI NICS checks conducted nationwide. Those generated for concealed-carry permits and other administrative use are subtracted to generate a rough snapshot of industry health. NICS figures do not include private transfers , however, nor any transfers made by valid carry-permit holders in states that do not require conducting a redundant check.

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Successful Small Businesses Within the Community

In addition to the big box stores, mom and pop businesses are thriving by understanding today's standards. The following are a few small firearm retailers, making online sales:

  • capegunworks.com
  • thegunparlor.com
  • whittakerguns.com
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